The Land Before Time VS Disney's Dinosaur : Movie Feuds ep133

The Land Before Time VS Disney's Dinosaur : Movie Feuds ep133

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Two generations of dinosaur flicks fight tooth and tail. It’s 1988’s The Land Before Time VS Disney’s first computer generated film, Dinosaur!

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I think it’s a no brainer here. The Land Before Time has instantly recognizable characters from the spastic flyer Petry to the obnoxious and stubborn Sarah. She’s the worst. Then there’s the big guy Spike who’s more interested in filling his belly then worrying about danger around him. Then there’s our swimmer Ducky, my personal favorite and the leader of the group Little Foot. We meet other interesting characters on their journey together and get multiple run-ins with the villain of the picture, Sharp Tooth.

As a kid I could easily point out some of my favorites from the Brontosaurus to the Triceratops. Disney’s Dinosaur goes a much less conventionally route by casting creatures based more on where they realistically where located then just throwing in a bunch of more standard ones. Instead of the T-Rex we get two Carnotaurus, instead of the Brontosaurus lead we have an Iguanodon named Aladar. He too meets up with some unconventional friends and faces pushback when trying to save his group. Mainly from Kron, the large, hot-headed Iguanodon. The biggest difference between the two pictures are the family of Lemurs that Aladar is trying to keep safe since he was adopted by them when he was an infant. The rest of the plot is essentially identical and we will get to that right now.
Check out the video for the full breakdown.

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